Flyfish Ride


FLY FISH flying on Bentota river its our new extreme adventure toy,an enormous inflatable wing that reaches skywards providing a unique flying experience. A hydro aerodynamic toy for two or more where extreme action takes place. Visit RIVER ADVENTURE WATER SPORTS CENTER, BENTOTA, SRI LANKA



SOFA RIDE is one of most fun things to do in RIVER ADVENTURE WATER SPORTS CENTER you must definitely try sofa ride. This sport involves riding on a circular tube over the water surface participants are made to sit on a circular tube That is pulls by the speed boat. Enjoy skipping on the water surface with air in your hair and water mists in your face. The speedy ride is thrilling,you just have to hole tightly



WATER SKIING, feel the thrill and adventure as river water splash cross your face while you rush through the water gaining speed.maintaining balance is a must and you need to be physically fit to enjoy water skiing in the RIVER ADVENTURE in the best from possible



SPEED BOAT RIDE riding speed boat is one of the easiest water sport in RIVER ADVENTURE WATER SPORTS CENTER it is favored by all visitors on a holiday in Sri Lanka,as everyone can give it a try the speed boat ride.a quick dash in the waters is quite exciting an you can try this sport with RIVE ADVENTURE WATER SPORTS CENTER with your entire family



BANANA RIDE is quite un easy sport,this activity must be included in your itinerary. The banana boat ride are loved by families kids and even the not so adventures. You will be seated on inflatable boat that is shaped just like a banana and connected to a speed boat which pull it along the water at high speeds. Enjoy the speed over racing and falling to the water it is fun and safe sport. Come and have a experience banana boat with RIVER ADVENTURE WATER SPORTS CENTER



In wake boarding,the rider is fastened to a board and towed behind a motorboat at speed of around 30 miles per hour.The ride can ride the surface of the water, IF WOULD YOU LIKE TO LEAR WAKE BOARDING COME AND JOINT WITH RIVER ADVENTURE WATER SPORTS CENTER



Come and have boat cruises with RIVER ADVENTURE WATER SPORTS CENTER on your holiday. The BEAUTY OF NATURE can have a profound effect upon our senses



Jet skiing is a sport that gives you the thrill of racing speedily through the waters of the Bentota river. As you glide across the water,you will have an adrenaline rush that will leave you wanting more. Jet skiing is an exciting water sport and a great chance to head out on the river at super high speed. Joint with RIVER ADVENTURE WATER SPORTS to have experience of jet ski



Donut Rides involves riding on a circular tube over the water surface and get soaked in unlimited fun and excitement. One of the popular water sport in RIVER ADVENTURE , It is also a common recreational ride that can be easily found on the Bentota river water.



This activity is a form of angling that requires deep waters and is usually taken place further away from land. If you are going on a deep sea fishing expedition, the water depth should be at least 30 meters. Deep sea fishing is also called big game fishing, boat fishing and even sport fishing.



Wind surfing is one of the most popular and widely performed water sport in Sri Lanka, Which is experienced by large numbers of tourists who visit Bentota perform various water is hugely popular among foreign travelers who find it extremely thrilling and exciting. Windsurfing is performed on a windsurf board,which is around 2-4 meters long and is powered by the wind on a sail,attached to the windsurf board. To ride it perfectly one needs to gain a good balance on the board and should be able to move well to the changing wind directions. RIVER ADVENTURE PROVIDE THE PROFESSIONAL AND EXPERIENCE INSTRUCTOR TO LEAD YOU



A perfect water sport for those who want to add adventure to their life. One of the exciting water sport in Bentota, Sri lanka. Kayaking involves not just thrill but also exploring the pristine beautiful surroundings. The special kind of boat,kayak is required and one should have good balance and fitness to try it. Navigate through the unexplored environs of mangroves and mini caves. RIVER ADVENTURE CREW ready to assist you.